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"In 4 Weeks I learned Way More Then I was Ever Expecting"

Liam Coultman - United Kingdom -

"Janak, It's Crazy My Friend!, What you showed me about marketing on Facebook already worked, off of $1 I picked up 2 online Coaching clients yesterday!"

Jason L Noel - Vero Beach, United States-

"In Just 4 Weeks I created a Product & Launched My Website"

Stan Blair - Slic Fitness, Spain -

"This is the Best Program Out There, If You are even Thinking About Being an Online Personal Trainer"

Eugenie Burton - United Kingdom -

"I Requested a refund & Was Shocked by the Response"

Grant Currall - Perth - Australia

Frustrated with inconsistent income, crazy working hours, and not having the freedom you desire?

Here’s the Only Way to Escape the Time-For-Money-Trap in your Fitness business

Hi, my name is Janak Patel.

If your ultimate goal with your fitness business is to create financial independence, have more free time & create an amazing lifestyle for yourself this is probably the most important letters you will ever read.

Let me explain….

Shocking Fitness Industry Statistics Reveal 82% of Personal Trainers Make Below $54,275 Per Year.

How much longer are you willing to wake-up for an early morning 6am training session, continue accepting inconsistent income, running another boot camp or dealing with another whining client who will moan too you for not getting them the results they wanted.

Are you tired of continually chasing clients who “Forget” to pay you or don’t show up on time?

Have you had enough competing with the hundreds of other gyms, studios and personal trainers in this very saturated market who will happily bad mouth you behind your back just to steal your clients?

How much longer do you want to work those crazy hours with no weekends or holidays?

What about those Know-it-all clients who just watched the latest Dr Oz episode & question your expertise every chance they get…..

Can you imagine doing this for another 10 years?

There is a fundamental flaw in the traditional fitness business model that will keep most personal trainers struggling forever.

In 2005 my wife Nalisha and I started out training clients one-on-one just like you!

Even though our in-home training company grew to be one of the largest in Australasia, with dozens of trainers working for us and training our clients, every day felt like a grind.

We got frustrated with the continual scheduling conflicts, losing money because we couldn't service a client, or our own trainers poaching our clients. Combined with those early morning starts, inconsistent income & crazy working hours, something just did not feel right.

After 5 long years of grinding it out, We realized that this Fitness Business model would NEVER help us Reach our true financial goals & dreams.

It was time to stop trading our Time-For-Dollars and Re-Engineer our fitness business into something that was Scalable!

My wife Nalisha running a group training session.

Nalisha standing next to our company vehical

As a personal trainer, you only get paid if you show up.

Have you ever thought about how many hours there are in a working day? I mean how many clients could you realistically fit into your week?

You see, your income is limited by how much time you have in a single day.

Your income is limited to the number of clients you can physically train in any given month.

What happens to your income if YOU want to go away on holiday or simply want to take the weekend off?

What happens to your income if you get the flu and are knocked out for the week?

I don’t think your clients are going to continue paying you while you are absent are they?

What happens to your income if you have a scheduling conflict and there is no way you or one of your hired/contracted trainers can fit a new client in?

You still don't get paid!


You are bound, gagged and hogtied to your business in what I call the Time-For-Money Trap!

You maybe thinking that you could always hire other personal trainers to train your clients for you….After all that’s what most of the so-called fitness marketing guru’s teach.

Early on in my fitness career we had dozens of personal trainers working for us. They were training my clients all over Australia and New Zealand.

The sad truth is, most PT’s became a trainer to be their own boss and have the lifestyle of setting their own hours. When you hire a trainer to train your clients, they are the ones who build the relationship with your clients.

At some stage (And it will happen, guaranteed!) your loyal trainer is going to think, “Why is my boss charging this client $100/session and I’m only getting paid $40? Let me train this client on the side and charge $60”.

Sooner or later you will be cut out of the equation!

This is why there is a major fundamental flaw in the traditional Personal Training Business model.

Just Imagine This…

  • Imagine if you didn’t have to ever go out and physically train another client again!
  • Imagine if You could train an unlimited number of clients without ever having to see them personally and give them the same if not better weight loss/fitness results!
  • Imagine never having to worry about scheduling conflicts, clients calling in sick or wanting to go on holiday….you get paid no matter what.
  • Imagine never having to pay rent or giving up half your profits to your club.
  • Just imagine if you could now market your fitness services anywhere in the country or anywhere on the planet.
  • Just imagine if you never have to wake-up for an early morning 6am training session, never have to step foot in a gym, or never have to run another boot camp again.
  • Just imagine, no more driving through traffic to see a client.
  • Image if your entire fitness business worked on Autopilot

This all sounds like pure fantasy…..but it’s NOT because this is exactly how my fitness business works!

Let me reveal to you how we do it...

Travelling The World For 48 Months While Training 3000 Clients.

What would you do with your life if your business gave you all the time freedom & income you could ever desire?

I’m not sure what your personal goals are, but my wife Nalisha and I had the goal of exploring & traveling the world.

Your goal maybe to have more time with your family, pay of debt, buy a house, or simply to have another revenue stream in your fitness business so you are not relying on making a living from just training clients everyday.

We left our home country of New Zealand in 2011. What was only supposed to be a 6 months trip has now turned into 48 months of unbelievable adventures all over the world !

We live in a city or a country for about 2-6 weeks before moving on to the next destination. 67 Cities and 22 Countries and counting we’ve had some spectacular experiences thanks to the profits generated in our Fitness business.

Ever since the media took an interest in our unique lifestyle countless Fitness Professionals from all around the world have been asking us how we do it.

I did not realize that for many PT’s the job had turned into a daily grind with little reward for providing such an important service to people.

As personal trainers it’s our job to help people achieve their personal health & fitness goals.

It’s up to us to inspire & motivate them to take care of their health & fitness and get them into shape.

Every year my wife and I help thousands of women world-wide achieve their personal fitness goals.

There is nothing more satisfying then receiving a testimonial from a client with a before and after photo sharing how we changed their life!

But at the end of the day I can only help so many people.

If I share with you my system for transforming your own fitness business into a scalable model you too can help more people achieve their personal fitness goals!

At the same time you will be Massively Rewarded Financially!

The Ultimate Secret Philosophy For True Financial Independence Revealed

When I first discovered this secret philosophy, it literally changed our business overnight!

They never taught this in personal training school.

Here it is….Do The Work Once, Get Paid Forever.

Let me explain this concept with a question….

If you created a Video that showed your unique step-by-step system of how to lose 10 pounds (5 Kgs), how many times could you possibly sell that weight loss video?

The answer is as many times as you like!

If you put all the information you know about training, motivating and inspiring a client to help them reach their personal fitness goals into a step by step information guide, how many times could you sell that guide?

The answer is as many times as you like!

Just look at the success of Beach Bodies P90X video programs. Tony Horten is not out there training clients one on one and I’m pretty sure he’s not struggling financially.

In some ways Tony Horten has replicated (Automated) himself through his DVD’s giving him the ability to train millions of people every year on his P90X system.

He has created a Money Making Asset that will continue to pay him forever without needing to trade his time-for-money. He has leveraged his fitness knowledge.

As a fitness professional your personal health & fitness knowledge is valuable information that millions of people around the world would be willing to pay you for.

Once you "productize" your knowledge you can now offer your services nationally or even globally as you are no longer confined to just training clients within your local town.

My Secret Finally Revealed….

Introducing Digital Fitness Academy

PROOF: How I made $29,328 in Under 72 Hours & Acquired 763 New Clients

"Real Money" can only be made if you have a scalable business that does not rely on you trading your time-for-dollars.

Imagine if you could market your training services Nationally or anywhere on the Planet!

To test new Markets we sometimes run promotions on sites like Groupon.

This is a screenshot of a promotion we created for one of our Automated Digital Weight loss Programs when we entered the Australian market.

What would you do if you got 437 New Clients in the next 24 hours from all around the country?

If you are stuck in the Time-For-Money trap there is no way you could handle a client surge like this!

Digital Fitness Academy will show you step-by-step how to build a 100% scalable fitness business that will let you train and PROFIT from an unlimited number of clients!

Imagine if you too could make $17,043 in under 48 Hours and not have to physically train a single new client!

This System Will Show You How To Train an Unlimited Number of Clients!

315 NEW clients in just 24 hours and $12,285 in revenue While Exploring Venice, Italy!

Nalisha and I were exploring the sites of Italy when we ran this promotion for the New Zealand market….315 NEW clients in just 24 hours and $12,285 in revenue.

As an independent personal trainer there’s no way you could handle this many new clients. Even if you had other trainers working for you it would still be a big problem.

This System Will Show You How To Train an Unlimited Number of Clients!

Think of all the income you are losing because you are limited to training clients only within your local geographic area!

What if you could go from working CRAZY LONG hours (even if you have that ‘free time’ during your day) and working 5-6 days a week….to working just a couple hours a day and only a few days a week, all while growing your business profits online….from wherever you can literally take your laptop?

By now you should know that 95% of personal trainers struggle and are stuck in the time for money trap of their fitness business.

Imagine getting 497 new clients in just 24 hours…(sounds impossible but let me share with you the proof in a minute)

Imagine every month your back account overflowed with income from all around the world. US dollars, Australian Dollars, British Pounds, South African Rand, & Euros all coming into your account.

Imagine new clients joining your fitness & weight loss programs and buying your fitness products from across the planet while you lazed on a beach in Italy, soaking up the sun.

In fact my wife Nalisha and I have been travelling the world for 36 months straight while thousands of clients join ouronline digital programs.

Once you learn how to “Productize”and Automate your Training Services the sky’s the limit because now you can create an infinitely scalable fitness business that does not depend on YOU.

Like I said before…..Do the work once and get paid forever!

Digital Fitness Academy is the only system that teaches you how to create a truly 100% scalable fitness business incorporating your personal health & fitness expertise.

The ultimate goal is to replace YOU from ever having to train another client again (unless you want to).

Best of All.....
Once You Learn Exactly How To Automate Your Training Programs and Monetize Your Health & Fitness Knowledge into Money Making Assets You Will Have The Time & Money To Create The Lifestyle You Desire.

Imagine if you had the freedom to travel the world while your fitness business worked on Autopilot! Here's a photo of Nalisha and I Dog Sledding through Sweden's Lapland's above the Arctic Circle while our automated digital fitness programs were training 2700 clients!

While our automated fitness programs are doing all the work, Nalisha and I could be sitting on an Italian beach soaking up the sun, sipping coffee in a Berlin café, scaling the highest peaks in Switzerland or exploring the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul!

The question now is what would you do with your time if you could replace yourself in your fitness business. Would you travel, spend more time with your family, train less clients, pay off debt, as you now have a secondary income stream….Wouldn’t you love to have the choice to do whatever you want instead of being locked into training clients for the next 10 years of your life?


You may have a ton of questions about whether our online training programs & digital products actually get results for our clients…..You bet they do!

We’ve found that our online automated fitness programs get our clients the same if not better results in their health & fitness then physically training them!

Just check out these weight loss results our clients from all around the world are achieving on some of our weight loss programs. We get dozens of testimonials like this every month.

On the Academy You Will Learn Step-By-Step exactly how to create automated online programs the right way!

What Others Are Saying About The Program

“I got tired of training clients at the gym and am now making nearly £1800/month (US$2800) online from following the Escape the Photocopy Life course.”

Full Disclosure – I brought Nalisha’s old program – New You KickStart.

I call myself an ex personal trainer now as I really want to move into the online space 100%. Nalisha and Janak are a true inspiration on showing what is possible when you decide to change how you do things.

My mum actually sent me their story that was featured online in New Zealand! I can’t remember the site now just that the story really spoke to me.

I ordered and read Nalisha’s book and it really helped to propel me to look at my life closely and examine what I was doing.

How was Personal Training clients going to help me free up my time? How was Personal Training going to give me the financial security I need and also give me the means in which to invest in the London housing market?

It wasn’t.

When the opportunity came up to purchase New You Kickstart (NYKS), I took it! I had just completed their 12 week course and needed something to make all that I learnt stick to something I could actually build up.

The course is pretty comprehensive so you need time to implement all that you learn.

Using the NYKS as a base product, I started placing Facebook ads, placing the program on Groupon, advertising with google and getting in new leads, stuff I learnt on the course.

I am ‘nurturing them’ as Janak and Nalisha taught, and I have sold a few in London, and now for experience, selling it in New Zealand and the US, which is really great.

I sell approximately 12-14 programs a month, which gives me enough income to quit personal training and focus on learning how to market better online, with the goal of eventually designing my own course on nutrition for diabetics.

I am impressed with the course and still continue to use what I learnt. Thanks goes to Janak and Nalisha.

I recommend you get their course if you are serious about moving from being a PT to getting online and doing something which makes money online and around your passion and expertise.

Annalise M, - London, UK

“The program helped me get 3 NEW Clients in less than 4 weeks, adding $1500 extra to my monthly profits!”

I joined the Escape the photocopy life Program about 4 months ago now. I am a life coach and have struggled with bringing a steady stream of customers in the past.

I found the program incredibly detailed. I felt like I had Janak holding my hand and talking to me direct on how to bring in customers online and sell to them. He helped me through his course to set up my website the right way so I could convert more customers.

I gained a lot of clarity from doing the course. I ‘attracted’ (as Janak would say!) 3 new long term clients within 4 weeks of implementing the advice given by Janak and Nalisha. That was just from one Facebook ad and setting up some marketing systems to convert them!

I am excited to do more. I am rebranding and introducing Business Coaching as it offers a better return which Janak recommends setting up from the get go.

In the past I might have felt scared to do this, but now I feel so confident in bringing in clients and getting them to sign on to my services. I just need to repeat more of the stuff that works. Thanks guys J”

Sarah B, Life Journey Coaching – Melbourne, Australia

“Impressed….different from other online programs out there.”

My wife Cathy and I were really inspired by your story in the Huffington Post article.
We’ve always wanted to travel while making some form of passive income.

We have done many online programs promising to teach you how to be wealthy and make loads of money.

You both are the real deal. I was impressed with how honest Janak was with me when we chatted on the phone just prior to me purchasing your program. I was surprised as he called me up all the way from Budapest where he was currently travelling!

He answered my questions and even helped by giving me some marketing tips before I even signed up!

I am nearing the end of the course now and have gained a lot of new knowledge. Right now we are setting up

Tony Wan – San Francisco, USA

“I went from 4 in-home personal training clients to over 9 in less than 6 weeks thanks to Digital Fitness Academy. I now make $300 more a week ($1200 month more) and am looking forward to doubling this (getting 5 more new clients) in less than 6 weeks to reach my goal”…
… following the advice Janak and Nalisha shared on the Academy
I am a self-employed personal trainer. I work in a gym, and also offer in-home training options.
My goal is now to hit around 15 personal training clients in less than 2 months. Using the advice I learned on the course on how to educate and nurture clients I got 5 new clients in less than 6 weeks. It use to take me over 3-4 months to get a handful of new client to in-home train.
I met Nalisha in South Beach, Miami where her and her husband Janak, vacation. I am so happy that I met them.
I ordered Nalisha’s book ‘How to escape the photocopy life’ last year and read it in one weekend! I loved it!
Knowing them personally and knowing how they travel and live life helped convince me to invest in their 12 week course.
I love that the course is designed and written by an ex-personal trainer (Nalisha) and for me as a personal trainer wanting to do what she is doing.
Janak and Nalisha have changed my mindset on how I want to work and life my life. I aim to build up to $900/ week and save the money for a European Trip and get my feet wet so to speak on traveling while still making money.

In the meantime, I am working on getting up a new website around my passion of prenatal training, and offering automated courses and ebooks etc so I too can make my income 100% online, so I can free up my time to travel, run marathons and eventually start a family of my own.
I am excited to see what the future holds for me! Get the course, it will change your business and life. I am well on my way to reaching my goals.
Shan B, Miami Total Health, Miami, USA

“Unfortunately I had to request a refund due to personal circumstances....”
“I was one of the first group of people to purchase the course in New Zealand during an Early-bird promotion and I have to say I was fully impressed with the content Janak & Nalisha provided.

In fact it was a little overwhelming at first as I am completely new to online business and marketing.
However from what I saw of the content, it was laid out in a simple easy to follow format that gradually guides you from scratch in creating an income online.
Unfortunately with my prior business commitments I simply could not dedicate the time required to get maximum value from the program.
Janak & Nalisha were extremely accommodating when I requested a refund during the 30 Day Guarantee Period.
In fact Janak gave me an extra 30 days to see if I could catch up with the other members on the program and provided me with extra material to help me in my market selection.
After 60 Days I requested a refund and Janak and Nalisha had no hesitation in giving me a prompt no questions asked full refund immediately into my bank account.
The level of customer service and support is impressive.
When I am ready to join the course again, I will have no hesitation.”
Peter Lundon – Auckland, New Zealand -

“Yes I was skeptical at first, but I’m so glad I did this course in the end!”
Hi Janak and Nalisha, as you know I saw your media write up in the NZ Herald. I was so inspired by your story of how you travel while working from your laptop. As a teacher, I have always been interested in helping to educate people. After working in the schooling system for over 10 years now I feel ready to move onto something else but was scared and sceptical about an ‘online course’.
Your course came at the right time! I have been going through the materials and videos and there is so much stuff to learn about online marketing. I am excited to launch an online business around teaching foreign students how to get jobs.
I feel like I have hope. Your course has given me so much confidence to get started. I am a 46 year old married woman with no kids. My husband and I want to leave the 9-5 and travel and make money from our laptops too. We want to live life now as you say!
I am working on setting up my website – Janak you made it all too easy – and getting a report together to attract the right people to work with.
What I liked best about the program? I loved the step by step guidance to clarify what I wanted to do in the first place, all the way through to marketing and sales. I feel confident I can carve out a niche and create a business that will fund our travels and new lifestyle.
My biggest achievement so far? Learning how to set up a website! I impressed my husband  I found that the tools and services you taught made everything so much simpler than I thought it would be. I am excited to learn more about online marketing.
Thank you for giving me the confidence to do this – and also for being so inspiring and giving me and my husband hope that we can break free of the 9-5 and live around the world like you do while making money 
I was skeptical at first, but I’m so glad I did this course in the end! (Happy to provide a photo if you need one)
Elise Rogers – Auckland, New Zealand

So what exactly is Digital Fitness Academy & How Does it Work?

If your goal is to have more fun, more income and more time this system is like your golden ticket to escape the daily grind of time-for-money personal training.

This is an intense 12-16 week online video based training program to help you take your current fitness business to the next level FAST!

It’s taken Nalisha & I over 10 years of blood, sweat & tears to figure all this out.

This is your opportunity to avoid all the costly mistakes Nalisha and I made when we were building our fitness business empire.

Why make the same mistakes again….Just copy what has worked for us.

On the Academy I will take you by the hand and show you step by step how to automate your client training programs, Productize your fitness knowledge and monetize it right across the planet….

…just think of the income potential if you were no longer bound to marketing your services in your local region and can now train & profit from attracting an unlimited number of clients.

I’m not going to lie to you….

This is a tough course!

It’s like the MBA for fitness professionals

Over 10 years of business knowledge crammed into 12-16 weeks.

If you are NOT serious about taking your fitness business to the next level then I suggest you close this page NOW!!

On the other hand…If you are serious….

Here's What You Will Discover on the Program

MONTH 1: Digital Fitness Business Mastery

How much money do you want to make every month?

$3000, $5000,$10000/month…$20,0000 or more?

How much Free Time do you want?

What do you want your life to look like?

Do you want to travel more, have more time with your family?

In this module you will discover step by step how to lay the foundations to build a GLOBAL FITNESS BUSINESS!


Ebooks, Physical Books, DVD & Video Programs, Membership Sites, Online Training Programs, Apps & Software….You Will Discover How To Covert Your Health & Fitness Knowledge into Money Making ASSETS That will Pay You Forever by following my step by step System.

  • You will Learn the fastest methods to launch new fitness product over the weekend by following our Fast Start Frame work.
  • How to test the feasibility of the market before you waste massive amounts of time creating a product.
  • Lifestyle Design: How to reverse-engineer your ideal life so you can achieve your ultimate goals.
  • Is it possible to get rich selling ebooks? Yes it is! Let us show you the right way to do it.
  • Discover the correct wmethod for pricing your products/services to reach your income goals in record time.
  • How to interview top celebrities in the fitness industry to create a product for you so you don’t have to!
  • 10 easy steps on how to create an eBook – FAST!
  • How to create a DVD products & Audio program and where to get ‘drop-ship’ Services so you can ship globally.
  • How to publish a Physical fitness book and get it published on demand and ‘drop-shipped’ anywhere in the world.
  • So who is your ideal customer, New Moms, Busy professionals, Stay at home mums, Affluent women, Men who want a six pack of abs? We show you our step by step system for finding profitable markets hungry for your fitness products.
  • How to determine the best business model for your unique strengths
  • How to identify and create your "sweet spot" of lucrative profit streams
  • How to get a crystal clear picture of how your business makes money so that you can finally stop wasting time on unprofitable income streams

MONTH 2: Trainer Automation Blueprint: How To Build Your Automatic Online Client Training Machine


Of all our products we offer, Online Training is at the core of our business.

This is one of the most important components

It’s taken me over 10 years to figure out how to build out these programs so our clients actually get massive value and results.

Every year thousands of new clients join our programs from all over the world

Clearly we must be doing something right.

Why try and figure this out on your own.

Just copy my exact step by step frame work to build out your own Automated Training programs.

Are you a technophobe? Are you afraid of technology?

Let me repeat this: You do not need any technical knowledge to do this course!

If you can switch on a computer, send an email and string together a few sentences…..that’s about all you need!

In this module you will discover how amazingly easy it is to start marketing your health & fitness products online & offline

Never in the history of the internet has it been simpler to launch a website & market your health & fitness products globally.

You will discover how we create a product on Friday, have a Website built on Saturday, start attracting Customers by Sunday and having cash in the bank by Monday!

See case study after case study of our most profitable websites and fitness programs that are attracting and converting clients – which you are allowed to copy!

  • How to automate your current client training programs for unlimited scalability
  • How to give your clients the same if not better fitness results without ever seeing them.
  • How to keep your clients accountable to their fitness goals without ever speaking to them.
  • The secret of using profit maximizers to explode your business profits. How to use them and when.
  • How to create a robot of yourself using online technology that will allow you to train thousands of clients at any one time.
  • Why most online fitness programs fail and how to make yours succeed
  • How to compete with the big boys of the online weight loss industry and succeed
  • I’m going to take you behind the scenes of our most popular online training programs so you can copy what I have done.that will allow you to train thousands of clients at any one time.



If you hate selling this module is for you.
You can be the best fitness professional in the world but if you don’t know the correct steps to sell your services you will always be broke.
Imagine having a machine that took care of all the selling for you. Imagine if this machine worked 24/7 on autopilot churning out cash into your bank account month after month.

In this module we let you look over our shoulder and show you confidential case studies of our most successful sales & marketing systems that you can swipe and copy for your own use.

  • How to attract clients hungry for your health & fitness services using the power of the marketing funnel.
  • How and when to introduce your profit maximizers throughout your marketing funnel.
  • The number one reason why most personal trainers fail to convert prospects into paying clients.
  • Why you need a BACKEND strategy for maximum profits.
  • Discover the only 3 ways of building a health & fitness business
  • The one thing you need to know before you should write anything on your website
  • How to decide how much to spend on advertising
  • Cash Generation Strategies 101
  • Advanced cash generation strategies
  • The Secrets of using V.A.R.K in attracting and converting prospects into clients
  • How to use the 3 pronged marketing triangle strategy
  • The worst number in any fitness business.
  • Why outstanding sales are all about delivering an outstanding customer experience
  • How to give your clients and amazing experience that gets them raving about you.
  • How to get your clients to refer there friends and family to your services without you having to personally ask them.
  • Learn how your ‘database building’ can be JUMP-STARTED with these 2 FAST and Sure-Fire strategies.
  • Learn how to create ‘Behind the Scenes’ strategies so customer are subtly pushed towards paying you.
  • Get ‘swipe files’ and templates for what to write on lead pages, websites, thank you pages, welcome pages and all the other pages that make up a successful online business.
  • Learn how to set yourself up as a TOP DOG to potential customers and how it can virtually eliminate your competitors.
  • Learn how profits are the END results of these other 4 MUST HAVE factors
  • Learn the 5 Proven FREE Traffic generation strategies you can use tomorrow for attracting clients who need lose weight & get into shape with your fitness services
  • How to use the big name magazines like Self & Shape for massive profit
  • The secrets of using offline traffic
  • How to use the power of celebrity in your marketing
  • Swipe our proven Facebook and Google PPC ads for your own offers
  • Swipe our proven classified ad templates that have been tested in national magazines
  • 4 proven paid-for online strategies for driving qualified prospects down your marketing funnel.
  • Discover how you can get endorsements from fitness celebrities like the trainers from the Biggest Loser without paying them a cent.
  • How to use Google to find people who are looking at purchasing weight loss services today.
  • Learn how to correctly use this ultimate Facebook “Trick” to get qualified traffic to your websites in under 1 hour.

MONTH 4: World Domination BLACKBOOK!


Did you know there is a worldwide obesity epidemic?

Did you know people all over the world want to improve their health & fitness.

There’s over 10,000 baby boomers retiring everyday in the US alone.


Let me show you exactly how we expanded our fitness services into 12 country’s within 12 months!

The No.1 business mistake most fitness professionals make is they only focus on training clients within their local area.

Imagine your bank account overflowing with income from different countries all across the planet, British Pounds, US dollars, Aussie Dollars, Euros!

This module shows you step by step how to scale up and take your fitness business global.

We are going to share with you exactly how we expanded and sell our digital fitness programs into over 12 countries across the planet.

  • You will discover how to Scale up your business globally working from a laptop, make a ton of money helping thousands of people around the world achieve their fitness goals!
  • How to take your fitness products and services international
  • How to make income in multiple currencies.
  • How to set up business all over the world while sitting at home at your kitchen table.
  • Why you need to recession proof your business and how to do it in 7 easy steps
  • The Outsourcing Mindset!  WHY & HOW to Let Go & Enjoy Life More!
  • What to Outsource & What NOT to Outsource!
  • The BIGGEST (and most expensive) Outsourcing Mistakes & How to Avoid them!
  • Who to Hire & How to Find the BEST Employees for LESS than $2/hour
  • How to travel the world and live anywhere and work from anywhere

How is the Academy Is Delivered To You?

This is an Highly Intensive 12-16 Week Training Program

Each Module of the Program will be delivered to you Online through your own members only section of our website over the course of 12-16 weeks.

Throughout the program I will be coaching you personally to make sure you get maximum value from all the content.

You can access your members area anytime.

You can also download all the course content.

After the course has been completed you will have lifetime access to the program.

3 Reasons why the Academy is different from any Program on the Market & Why You need to Register Today!

How many “So-Called” Marketing Experts do you know that are only making there money from “Teaching” Marketing? ANSWER: Pretty much 95% of them!

Listen up….this is the only business course designed for fitness professional on the market that is based on real world proven results.

Have you ever purchased a marketing program and struggled to relate it to your fitness business. Usually the program was not created for health & fitness professionals. This program is built by successful fitness professionals for fitness professionals.

All case studies, templates and done-for-you tools are real world example of how we get new clients into own fitness products and programs and make massive profits.

You’ve seen the proof & media attention we have received from the unique lifestyle our fitness business has created for us.

All over the world the media has taken notice of the crazy “travel addicted” lifestyle my wife and I have!


Nothing in this course is theory!

My wife Nalisha & I are on the front lines every single day. We are in the trenches marketing our own health & fitness products & online training services to people everyday.

Unlike all the other “So-Called” Marketing Experts out there who make all their income from just selling Marketing Theory…Everything I am about to teach you on the Academy comes from the Trenches!


95% of so-called marketing gurus ONLY make their money from teaching others how to make money online. Everything we share with you on the DFA program are proven strategies we use in building our own health & fitness weight loss empire.


A true business doesn’t rely on one product or service to promote.

You see there are a lot of wanabee fitness Entrepreneurs out their dishing out marketing advice. They claim that all you need to do is set up a website and sell an ebook in the weight loss market to get rich.

In reality you need a strategic backend to maximize profits otherwise you will go broke!

The DFA system is the only complete fitness business program that shares with you step by step how to create the 7 core products that will give you freedom & profits you desire.

This is the only system that will show you step by step how to set up your entire digital fitness business on autopilot and sell your products and services strategically across the planet!

How Many Clients Do You Need To Physically
Train to Make the Equivalent Income?

$17,000 in under 48 hours. 437 New Clients

$12,280 in under 24 hours. 315 New Clients

When we Made over $17,000 in Australian Dollars in under 48 hours and got 437 New Clients I was relaxing in my Home Office In New Zealand.

When We Made over $12,000 in Dollars in under 24 hours and got 315 New Clients I was Exploring the Streets of Venice, Italy with my Gorgeous Wife….

How many hours of “BACK BREAKING” Physical Training do you need to do to make the equivalent income?

Lets do the math’s. If you are Charging $60/hour for a training session you need to do”

$29,000/$60 = 483 Hours of  Physical Training!!

Let Me Ask You A Question…What would you like to do?

483 Hours of Training Clients? Or….

Would you rather have the freedom to work from home & be with your loved ones?

Or Finally Going on that Trip to Paris or Rome You always dreamed about?

Maybe Travel to Iceland and Chase the northern lights?

How Much Is This Proven System Worth To You?

You can spend the next 3, 5 or 10 years doing the same thing as every other personal trainer... hoping for a better result, when the real secret to escaping the Time-For-Money trap is now staring you in the face.

You could spend the next 10 years and tens of thousands of dollars trying to figure out all the Online technology stuff on your own, banging your head against the wall through trial and error like we had to…..

….Or you could save yourself a whole heap of frustration and money, take the short-cut and simply copy our step by step proven systems & framework that will literally take you by the hand and show you the Fast Track method to escape the-time-for-money-trap of your fitness business within the next 12 weeks.


YES, now Listen….I know everything I am about to share with you on the Academy Works.

You’ve seen the proof in the Revenues it has generated, You’ve seen the proof of my Crazy “Travel Addiction” lifestyle in the media!

I know if you put in the effort everything you learn in Digital Fitness Academy will work for you.

When you are sitting on an Italian Beach with your family on the coast of Italy in the next 6 months you will be thanking Nalisha & Me!

When you are ticking off some life long dream that’s been pencilled on your bucket-list for the last 5 years you can thank me then!

Maybe we could even meet-up somewhere in the world.

But hey…It’s understandable that you may be a little hesitant in making the investment in yourself.

This program is not cheap by any stretch.

This Academy is probably one of the most significant investments You will ever make in your fitness business!

Why is this program so Expensive?

Because I know you will make back 10 X, 20 X, 100 X times you investment Easily. You have seen the proof already.

This Program is the ultimate Blueprint to help take your fitness business to the next level.

BUT….Let me place any doubt you have through the SHREDDER now!

I am willing to put my money where my mouth is.

I am going to put myself on the line right now.

I Guarantee This Program is The Most Effective & Fastest Way You Will Ever See To Explode Your Income in your fitness business Or I Will Hand Back Every Dollar of your investment because….

You are BACKED & PROTECTED by my….


…You Are Backed Up By Our Iron Clad Double Guarantee!

Your First Guarantee: This is an intensive 12-16 Week Online Training Program.

From the start of the program you have up to 30 days to examine The First Module Online. I will also be coaching you!

You will learn a ton of stuff that you can start using immediately in your fitness business.

If you take action on everything You will learn in Just the first 30 Days….I guarantee you will probably have enough knowledge to make back 5 X your investment….

Use what you wish, and if for any reason you are unsatisfied with the course, just let me know and you’ll get your money back immediately. NO questions asked.
You can simply call my World Wide Office anytime. I will be providing you with my personal phone number and email address.
You do not need a “my dog ate my homework” story. No questions, no hassle, no fine print.
Incidentally, I am devoted to helping you, and working with satisfied members only. If you are not going to profit from the Academy, I would prefer to buy back your seat and give it to someone else.


Let Me Help You Transform Your Fitness Business Over the Next 12-16 Weeks


Over $3488 Worth Of FREE BONUS TRAINING.

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Just think about it for one second. Your income is currently fixed because you can only train a certain number of clients every week.

If this system shows you how automate your fitness business online allowing you to train an UNLIMITED number of clients per week and giving them better results in their health & fitness then you training them personally… much is this knowledge worth to you?

If this system shows you step by step how to successfully monetize your fitness knowledge into scalable products & services following a proven much is this blueprint worth to you?

The true value of the information I am about to share with you in this program is priceless.

This is your ticket to never having to physically train another client again. This program is your guide to monetizing your health & fitness knowledge online and taking your fitness business to the next level.

This is the same system that has given Nalisha and I to have the money & time freedom to travel the world experiencing amazing destinations for the last 3 years straight!

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Why I am not fussed if you decide NOT to join

I know the information in here is worth at least 10x -- 100x your investment. By just following 1 strategy you will make back your investment in record time (You’ve seen the proof) but I am NOT concerned if you decide NOT to take action today.

You see UNLIKE all these so called Fitness Marketing Guru’s who can only eat and feed their family if they sell you on their high priced theoretical coaching programs, my wife Nalisha and I make our income from actually training clients through our digital fitness programs and products.

We are in the trenches day in and day out helping thousands of people across the planet achieve their fitness goals while we are rewarded financially allowing us travel the world and have a life of adventure.

These So-Called Marketing Guru’s are getting rich selling only marketing theory to Naïve trainers.

Would you rather listen to someone who is just teaching theory or someone who is out practicing what they preach on the front lines?

Let Us Help You Take Your Fitness Business to the next level and transform it into An Automated Online Money Making Machine...that works without you.

I assure you, what you'll learn in this 12 week System is not taught anywhere else.

Tony Robbins Says the Fastest and Shortest path to success is to copy someone else who is already successful because they have already made the mistakes

Listen, if you're serious about finding out the true blueprint for making real money in the health & fitness industry and adding an extra couple of zero’s to your monthly income -- this program is your shortcut!

The next move is up to you.

I look forward to seeing you on the program

To Your Fitness Business Success

Janak Patel

Co-founder of Digital Fitness Academy & the HealthMastery Group

PS: This is the only system on the market that will show you step by step how to automate your client training programs and monetize your health & fitness expertise online so you can train an unlimited number of clients and escape the Time-For-Money Trap of personal training clients one-on-one.

PPS: You are backed by my 100% Double Guarantee. You really have nothing to lose. Test Drive the Program today. If it's not right for you let me know and I will happily refund every cent of your investment. No Hassles, No Questions asked!

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