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Have you ever wondered how to Exploit the media and get FREE publicity for your fitness programs and products?

Do you want to discover how to “Take Advantage” of the Media to make massive profits in your fitness business?

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Nalisha has been featured in over 57 publications from all over the Planet.

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Discover how you can get a ton of free traffic and create huge cash-flow surges in your business by leveraging daily deal sites like Groupon.

This single strategy alone has generated over $150,000 in revenue and counting for our digital fitness business.

You’ve seen the Proof of the income potential these types of websites have created for us.

But there is the right way and a wrong way to leverage the enormous power of these sites.

Do it wrong and it will ruin your business attracting a bunch of free loading customers.

In this training you will learn how to Do it right way and you will see crazy profits!

You will learn exactly what these types of websites look for before promoting a fitness product so you avoid being rejected.


Whenever someone offers me there proven Swipe file of ads I invest in it.


Because it will save me time in trying to create an ad or sales letter from scratch.

But do you know what my biggest frustration with Swipe Files are?

Most do not relate to our industry.

Nalisha and I have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years we’ve run hundreds of ads online and offline. Some have been successful others have failed miserably.

Imagine if you could just “Swipe” my proven health & fitness ads and just plug them into your own fitness business.

Now you can!

Swipe my proven Lead Generation magazine Ads

Copy my proven Google Ads

Use my tested Facebook ads to the fullest.

Mail out my proven direct mail letters & Try out my 20 Page Proven Sales Letter.

Like I mentioned. None of these ads are theoretical. Everything I teach you is taken from our own fitness business.

Save yourself a ton of time and money. Just copy my proven ads and make massive profits!


Let me ask you a question.

If you wanted to get into shape and you were on the hunt for a personal trainer and willing to invest a few thousand dollars over the next few weeks in your health who would you trust?

The local personal trainer in your area you just Googled charging $50/hour?


…would you more likely TRUST & Pay $100/ Session to the Trainer who is associated with a celebrity like DR OZ?

If you were a highly affluent business person looking for personal trainer and happen to be a Fan Of Stephen Covey the world famous author of 7 Habits of highly Successful people wouldn’t you more likely pay more for someone associated with Stephen Covey?

Here’s a Crazy Idea for you!!

The official Facebook Page for John Gray has 203,000 Fans.

Imagine if you could create an ad targeted to only the female fans of this Facebook page?

Imagine when they clicked through to your website from the ad that they saw an image with You and John Gray.

Wouldn’t they more likely buy your training services over just some ordinary trainers?

Millions of women around the world have read the famous book Men are from Mars Women are from Venus. It’s the most popular relationship book in all history. Wouldn’t you be more inclined to Hire the fitness services of a company that is perceived to be associated with the Author of this book?


On the Academy I will be sharing with you all our Facebook strategies that you can virtually copy immediately for your fitness business.

This training alone is worth 10 X the price but it is your free as part of Digital Fitness Academy Program.

In this training you will discover how to find & associate yourself with high profile celebrities that will skyrocket your fitness business profits.

You will learn exactly how Nalisha and I position ourselves so that the right celebrities want to be associated with us.

You will learn how we approach them.

Then you will discover how we exploit them maximum profits!

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