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"Janak, It's Crazy My Friend!, What you showed me about marketing on Facebook already worked, off of $1 I picked up 2 online Coaching clients yesterday!"

Jason L Noel - Vero Beach, United States-

"In Just 4 Weeks I created a Product & Launched My Website"

Stan Blair - Slic Fitness, Spain -

"This is the Best Program Out There, If You are even Thinking About Being an Online Personal Trainer"

Eugenie Burton - United Kingdom -

“It makes the daunting task of starting an online business just that less daunting. In my experience, it does save a lot of time. So these are two key reasons why I recommend it. ”

‘Hi Janak, thank you for the course.

Were you skeptical about whether or not the course could help you?

‘Well I was indeed a little bit skeptical. I just wasn’t 100% sure.

What motivated me to purchase it in the end was that it looked like I would save a lot of time with this course compared with just trying to figure things out for myself.

With the money back guarantee I thought I could just give it a try.

What obstacle would have prevented you from buying?

The money back guaranteed. If this hadn’t been there, I would not have purchased it.

What did you find as a result of buying this program?

What was really big for me was that it gave me a starting point as often it is really hard to figure out where to begin something you have never done before. Where to start at all. With the course, I had that starting point and I got a path to follow, step-by-step and that’s just made it heaps easier for me than trying to work things out by trial and error.

What specific feature did you like most about this program?

There are actually two, and I can’t decide which is the more important one. For me they are both equally important. What was really really good was that all the materials could be downloaded, because I like to work offline quite a bit. So that was actually really really good.

The other bit was that it was drip-fed on a weekly basis. It just really kept me on my toes and I tried to keep up with it. Otherwise I would have put things off a wee bit and would not have completed it in 3 months’ time.

What would be three other benefits about this program?

The number one for me was to have my questions answered. I had asked you a few things that came up through working through the course material a few times. The answers you provided were really really helpful and saved me from googling and scratching my head over them.

The second one was saving heaps of time by having a path to follow and also hopefully saving me some money on stupid mistakes I would have otherwise made.

The third, but certainly not the least important one, is that it really helps me to stay focused. Like sometimes I have on my mind what you said on the course, like ‘don’t get distracted by bright shiny objects’, and that brings me back to working on what I really need to focus on rather than get distracted. So that’s actually really useful.

Would you recommend this program? If so, why?

Yes I would. And the reason for that is that it made makes the daunting task of starting an online business just that less daunting. In my experience, it does save a lot of time. So these are two key reasons why I recommend it. Thanks for the course.

Ricki Newmann, New Zealand

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“I got tired of training clients at the gym and am now making nearly £1800/month (US$2800) online from following the Digital Fitness Academy.”

Full Disclosure – I brought Nalisha’s old program – New You KickStart. I call myself an ex personal trainer now as I really want to move into the online space 100%.

Nalisha and Janak are a true inspiration on showing what is possible when you decide to change how you do things. My mum actually sent me their story that was featured online in New Zealand!

The story really spoke to me. I ordered and read Nalisha’s book and it really helped to propel me to look at my life closely and examine what I was doing.

How was Personal Training clients going to help me free up my time? How was Personal Training going to give me the financial security I need and also give me the means in which to invest in the London housing market?
It wasn’t.
When the opportunity came up to purchase New You Kickstart (NYKS), I took it! I had just completed their 12 week course and needed something to make all that I learnt stick to something I could actually build up.

The course (Digital Fitness Academy) is pretty comprehensive so you need time to implement all that you learn. Using the NYKS as a base product, I started placing Facebook ads, placing a program on Groupon, advertising with Google and getting in new leads, stuff I learnt on the course.

I am ‘nurturing them’ as Janak and Nalisha taught, and I have sold a few in London, and now for experience, selling it in New Zealand and the US, which is really great.

I am impressed with the course and still continue to use what I have learned.
Thanks goes to Janak and Nalisha.

I recommend you get their course if you are serious about moving from being a PT to getting online and doing something which makes money online and around your passion and expertise.
Annalise M, - London, UK


“Impressed….different from other online programs out there.”

My wife Cathy and I were really inspired by your story in the Huffington Post article.
We’ve always wanted to travel while making some form of passive income.

We have done many online programs promising to teach you how to be wealthy and make loads of money.

You both are the real deal. I was impressed with how honest Janak was with me when we chatted on the phone just prior to me purchasing your program. I was surprised as he called me up all the way from Budapest where he was currently travelling!

He answered my questions and even helped by giving me some marketing tips before I even signed up!

I am nearing the end of the course now and have gained a lot of new knowledge. Right now we are setting up

Tony Wan – San Francisco, USA

“I went from 4 in-home personal training clients to over 9 in less than 6 weeks thanks to Digital Fitness Academy.
.by following the advice Janak and Nalisha shared on the Academy.

Using the advice I learned on the course on how to educate clients I got 5 new clients in less than 6 weeks. It use to take me over 3-4 months to get a handful of new client to in-home train.

I met Nalisha in South Beach, Miami where her and her husband Janak, vacation. I am so happy that I met them.

Knowing them personally and knowing how they travel and live helped convince me to invest in their 12 week course.

I love that the course is designed and written by an ex-personal trainer (Nalisha).

Janak and Nalisha have changed my mindset on how I want to work and life my life. I aim to build up to $900/ week and save the money for a European Trip.

In the meantime, I am working on getting up a new website around my passion of prenatal training, and offering automated courses and ebooks etc so I too can make my income 100% online.

I am excited to see what the future holds for me! I am well on my way to reaching my goals. Shan B, Miami Total Health, Miami, USA

“Unfortunately I had to request a refund due to personal circumstances....

However from what I saw of the content, it was laid out in a simple easy to follow format that gradually guides you from scratch in creating an income online.”

“I was one of the first group of people to purchase the course in New Zealand during an Early-bird promotion and I have to say I was fully impressed with the content Janak & Nalisha provided.

In fact it was a little overwhelming at first as I am completely new to online business and marketing.

However from what I saw of the content, it was laid out in a simple easy to follow format that gradually guides you from scratch in creating an income online.

Unfortunately with my prior business commitments I simply could not dedicate the time required to get maximum value from the program.

Janak & Nalisha were extremely accommodating when I requested a refund during the 30 Day Guarantee Period.

In fact Janak gave me an extra 30 days to see if I could catch up with the other members on the program and provided me with extra material to help me in my market selection.

After 60 Days I requested a refund and Janak and Nalisha had no hesitation in giving me a prompt no questions asked full refund immediately into my bank account.

The level of customer service and support is impressive. When I am ready to join the course again, I will have no hesitation.”

Peter Lundon – Auckland, New Zealand

“Yes I was skeptical at first, but I’m so glad I did this course in the end!”

Hi Janak and Nalisha, as you know I saw your media write up in the NZ Herald. I was so inspired by your story of how you travel while working from your laptop. As a teacher, I have always been interested in helping to educate people.

After working in the schooling system for over 10 years now I feel ready to move onto something else but was scared and sceptical about an ‘online course’.

Your course came at the right time! I have been going through the materials and videos and there is so much stuff to learn about online marketing. I am excited to launch an online business around teaching foreign students how to get jobs.

I feel like I have hope. Your course has given me so much confidence to get started. I am a 46 year old married woman with no kids. My husband and I want to leave the 9-5 and travel and make money from our laptops too. We want to live life now as you say!

I am working on setting up my website – Janak you made it all too easy – and getting a report together to attract the right people to work with.

What I liked best about the program? I loved the step by step guidance to clarify what I wanted to do in the first place, all the way through to marketing and sales. I

feel confident I can carve out a niche and create a business that will fund our travels and new lifestyle.

My biggest achievement so far? Learning how to set up a website! I impressed my husband 🙂 I found that the tools and services you taught made everything so much simpler than I thought it would be. I am excited to learn more about online marketing.

Thank you for giving me the confidence to do this – and also for being so inspiring and giving me and my husband hope that we can break free of the 9-5 and live around the world like you do while making money 🙂

I was skeptical at first, but I’m so glad I did this course in the end!
Elise Rogers – Auckland, New Zealand


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